Volume 4 – Number 2
July 12, 2016
Volume 5 – Number 1
April 4, 2017

Volume 4 – Number 3-4

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Application of cognitive-behavioural therapy in the treatment of aggressive behaviour: case study

Elma Memic

Expression Ki-67 as a predictor of achieving a first complete remission at Diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Alma Sofo-Hafizovic, Adisa Chika

Additional teacher education for using multimedia in pedagogical and educational process

Dragana Aleksic, Mensura Kudumovic

Music education in Plato aspect of poetry that most affects the soul

Kanita Hadzic

Informacione tehnologije u stomatologiji

Nedim Kurtic

Answer after autologous stem cell transplantation influenc the overall survival in lymphoma patients A single center experience

Alma Sofo-Hafizovic, Aida Dizdarevic-Rekic, Lejla Ibricević-Balic, Lejla Burazerovic, Edo Hasanbegovic