August 28, 2018

Volume 6 – Number 1

Neurological consequences of intraneural and perineural injections during nerve blockade in rats model Ilvana Hasanbegovic, Lejla Dervisevic, Suada Hasanovic, Amela Dervisevic Determining the direction of disagreement […]
April 26, 2018

Volume 5 – Number 2

Assessment of the impact of pollution on Juniperus oxycedrus Cupressaceous and Juniperus communis in Kosova Laura Binxhija (Qeska), Arjana Ylli, Erion Ylli Use of multimedia resources […]
April 4, 2017

Volume 5 – Number 1

The correlation between the mechanism of the peripheral nerve injury of the upper and lower extremities and indicated time and modality of reconstruction Salihagic Sanela, Muftic […]