Volume 4 – Number 1
May 1, 2016
Volume 4 – Number 3-4
December 20, 2016

Volume 4 – Number 2

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The dif culties experienced by the individuals who received bariatric surgery: the patients’ experiences in the Turkey

Emine Aydin, Hulya Bulut

The genital hygiene status of adolescent girls who use herb hamam and depilatory cream to remove pubic hair (Case-Control Research)

Selma Kahraman, Esra Karaca Ciftci

Application of cognitive behavioral therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) method in panic disorder with agoraphobia treatment: case study

Mirjana Ostojić

Management Information Systems (MIS) role in Environment Protection

Mensura Kudumovic, Eldin Huremovic, Nevres Mesanovic