Volume 1 – Number 3
September 1, 2013
Volume 2 – Number 1
March 1, 2014

Volume 1 – Number 4

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Management of human resources: significance of motivation strategy implementation in case of health care workers

Nada Malesic, Mirjana Mavrak, Nedzad Rustempasic

Investigation of pathogenic Kor River bacteria in different seasons in dehydration conditions

Masoud Vazirzadeh, Reza Robati

Psychological impact on drug spending among the population in municipality Berane

Muho Muratovic, Lejla Muratovic, Ljiljana Smilic, Zlatica Petkovic, Tanja Smilic

The effects of the public use of nursing shawls on breastfeeding in Turkey 

Esra Karaca Ciftci1 , Duygu Arikan2

Breastfeeding and risk of diarrheal disease in children less than five years of age in Pakistan

Mahwish Shaukat, Rabia Safdar, Inam Ul Haq